Unregistered Tires  



Fazio | Micheletti LLP and their co-counsel, Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca LLP, Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P., the Kessler Law Firm PPLC, and the McDougall Law Firm LLC, have filed a nationwide class action in which our client alleges that Walmart willfully ignores the requirements of a federal tire registration law which is intended to supply the companies that make tires sold by Walmart with tire buyers’ contact information, so that tire makers can promptly notify tire owners of tire safety recalls. To download a copy of the complaint, click here.


Why is Walmart’s failure to comply with the federal tire registration law important? According to a 2015-era study conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”), tire problems cause 33,000 accidents per year and kill 500-plus motorists, however, only one in five defective tires is being taken out of service via recalls. 


A major reason that defective tires remain on the road even after they are recalled is that, every day, tire sellers like Walmart fail to take a few minutes to comply with federal law by either registering the tires they sell you with the tire makers directly, or giving consumers like you a pre-prepared paper tire-registration form to send to the tire maker directly, on which the seller has recorded your tires’ identification numbers and the tire seller’s contact information. 

Our investigation of this case is ongoing.  If you have bought tires from Walmart, please let us know. When tires are not registered, the tire maker cannot contact you to notify you that they have been recalled, which can lead to injury or death.