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Glover v. Mahrt

Glover v. Mahrt | Cal. Superior Court, Alameda County

Glover v. Mahrt

Prosecuted false-advertising case with the non-profit Animal Legal Defense Fund (“ALDF”) on behalf of consumers who purchased “cage-free” eggs from defendant egg producer, which falsely depicted hens roaming freely on an expansive green field and stated that the hens were “raised in wide open spaces in Sonoma Valley, where they are free to ‘roam, scratch, and play.’” In actuality, hens were crammed in covered sheds with no outdoor access, enabling defendant to undercut competitors’ prices by raising hens in conditions costing far less than they would if conditions existed as advertised to the public.

Negotiated settlement by which defendant agreed to make changes to its facilities to conform the conditions depicted in its advertising and to cease such advertising until those changes were in effect. Firm awarded ALDF’s Advancement in Animal Law Pro Bono Achievement Award for its work on this case.

Opposing Counsel: Downey Brand LLP

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